4000 Bar Codes

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4000 Barcodes - in both EAN and UPC formats. Accepted worldwide, works for Amazon and other retailers online and offline. Use barcodes for any type of product - except books and magazines.

You will receive barcode numbers in Excel spreadsheets and PDF files only.

NO barcode artwork is included. For the full package (including all barcode artwork), please visit our 'EAN & UPC NUMBERS' page.

You will receive a Certificate of Authenticity to guarantee that all barcodes are unique and never used before.

This is a one-off payment, no annual renewal or membership fees or charges are payable. The barcodes are yours for life, you can sell an unlimited number of products with them.

All orders are sent via email within 24 hours (most orders are sent within a few hours).

Any questions of any kind relating to barcodes, please do contact us.